Release date of my new solo album Ukulele Alakulo will be 17.2.2017! (Turenki Records)

The Finnish tango is known for its melancholia and its longing.

Ukulele Alakulo (alakulo = melancholia) contains seven classical Nordic tangos, which I have arranged for ukulele, trying to put to use all of the instruments expressive possibilities. With this record I would like to prove that my little, fragile instrument is very well suited for tango music.

Apart from my today's main instrument, the tenor ukulele, on my new release I also play the Banjo-Ukulele, the Guitar mandolin and a five-string Kantele.

In addition to Nordic tangos...A painting named 'Little Wing' by Finnish artist Kaarina Helenius inspired the first track of Ukulele Alakulo, it is a cosmic rendering of the classic Hey Joe, made famous by Jimi Hendrix. Check out the video here down below!!!

And go to VIDEOS & MUSIC to hear more! Tangos and improvisations... Hope you enjoy!

Jarmo Julkunen